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Saturday, October 4, 2014

'Round Robin. By John von Daler

                  This blog appeared recently on a website called "Fowl Play: a bird blog".

I don't know about you, but I get up at a reasonably early hour. My morning clean-up only takes a few minutes and then I'm off. We have quite a few nice, level, green lawns close to our tree. I choose a place in the sun (and out of the wind) and then I start my search for the first meal of the day.
I'm no slouch at hearing worm movement. My eyesight is not bad either. So I expect to get the first peck going within a few minutes. But these days things are just not going my way. The worms seem to be turning. I can hear them down there working their way through the earth, but for some reason I can't get a hold of them.
Does this happen to you, too?
Have you got any explanations for it?
Could it be global warming?
Or have the worms improved their defences?
Thanks for your feedback (but I don't mean that literally!)
                The blog received several answers:
Dear Turdus,
Thanks for the interesting blog.
Yes, I have experienced something similar.
My take on it is that I had been cocking my head to the same side for years. I tried changing sides and found that I could hear
my breakfast much better with the new
angle. You should try it!

To Turdus:
There is no such thing as global warming. Get up earlier and quit whining!
The Bobbing Baron

Hello Turdus,
Loved your blog on worming!
I have a friend who sometimes gets together
with a group of praying mantises.
They seem to have connections in the underworld. My friend found out through them that in fact worms have started changing their tactics. They have figured out a way to report approaching robins to each other. We are just going to have to get sneakier!
Thanks for the blog!
Auburn Augie

Hi Turdus!
I got a new chest implant that seems to help me out in almost every aspect of my life! You should try it too. Thrust or bust!

Oh Turdus,
Love the way you've combed your feathers
in your profile picture!
Lot's of Love

                I can certainly recommend this blog to interested groups of all species.

                Here's hoping that the red, red #robin keeps blog, blog, bloggin' along.

The early bird
my book.
Cock your head
to one side
and click on the picture

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