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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Missing Link. By John von Daler

                   I see her face intimately, familiarly, as if I have known her for years. We two have shared good moments, bad situations, boredom, embarrassment, even passion. Yet still, when I try to say her name, I have no idea in which way to twist my tongue. My mind is a blank. This is embarrassing.

                Of course, since it occurrs in the middle of the night in my own bed, this event will hardly disturb anyone. The lady herself must be thousands of miles away, in Hollywood or Texas or wherever.
                I puzzle it out in more detail: she can sing and dance, especially when she has lost weight. She can be so beautiful to look at. And she can fade into the wallpaper like the dust off a book-jacket, seen and then dispersed, when she turns on her self-effacing English accent. I've seen her brave the frontier but also succumb to the office Romeo. She will do anything.
                Her face appears like a talisman in a clearing, magical, plainly out of this world. But something has happened to my brain. Her name still evades me. Am I turning senile, is this the start of some kind of #octogenarian mindset, ten years too early? Here I am tuned into my own little internet, my own little google robotting its way into my magnificent personal archives, and still her name remains blank.
                The link must be broken, I think. It's a bad link. But is that a sign of sickness, of #dementia, or just of a really bad memory. You never know at my age. Should I contact My Internet Server?
                Then I fall asleep, into a troubled kind of unconsciouness much like a bad conscience, but with no victim other than myself.
                I dream of #oysters and white #wine in an inn by the coast of France. Maybe the wine does it - or even possibly the shellfish. When I wake up I roll out of bed, jump up and burst into song, waking my wife with the wonderful words that resolve my problem and readmit me to this life: Renée #Zellweger, Renée Zellweger, Renée Zellweger!

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