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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Signs of the Times. By John von Daler

                           Recently I saw a play about characters living in the fifteenth century. The actors actually had on costumes that imitated the style of the fifteenth century!

           To me this is a big event. The great theater and opera centers in New York, London, Berlin, Hamburg, and even in our little Copenhagen have all conspired to make old dramas more relevant to me by re-inventing them in modern settings.                 
                I have seen #Richard III in jacket and tie offering his kingdom for a horse. That animal would indeed have been a quirky addition to the skyscraper the evil king inhabited.
                I have followed Don #Carlos to jail in Guantanamo, his costume an orange overall with a number on the breast pocket.
                I have sailed with the Flying #Dutchman on a barge labeled "Tel Aviv 1945".
                I have heard Eugene Onegin proclaim his own fickleness in mid-twentieth century attire.
                You can only understand your own age, nothing else, seems to be the motto of our time. Anything not contemporary might as well be forgotten.
                So it was indeed a big event to see The Merry Wives of #Windsor in fifteenth century costumes. I left my reptilian brain caged in the cloakroom and tried to understand the play on its own terms in its own time. What fun!
                Then again, perhaps they should have played it as a theater version of "Desperate Housewives" with botox and face-lifts and silicone breasts. I might have felt more at home, more attune with the production, alas.

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