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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Real Shakespeareans abhor rosebuds. By John von Daler

                          I decided to watch "House of Cards". And what a #Shakespearean trip it was too - with Richard III asides and Mr. and Mrs. #Macbeth scheming away and #Ophelia in the lake and Iago in #Othello's ear - all without any post-Freudian explanations about the psychological make-up of the characters. Most of them are just mean - and, if they have a reason for being so, it has not as yet been revealed, despite references to college days and civil war ancestors.

                Now I have decided to hop off at the end of year two, and what a relief it will be too. My hope for the human race can hardly stand any more arbitrary evil with nary a pretty word, nor any reference to childhoods fraught with misuse and cold shoulders.
                I never thought that I would thirst for some Freudian background; I never miss it in Shakespeare. But "House of Cards" makes me long for something like Citizen #Kane's innocent little sled, Rosebud, evilly disposed of and dastardly misused, in explanation for the hours of unmitigated evil of both Welles and Spacey. But we Shakespeareans, even when we are planning on leaving the theater before the curtain goes down, do not need explanations, even if we are all depressed and sweated up with hopeless wrongdoings. If Spacey starts carting in the explanations in the third year, he will be doing it too late to reach me. We are doing quite well indeed without the rosebuds, but we certainly do miss Will.
                And while I am on the subject of Shakespeare: Frank Underwood has finally reached his goals at the end of season two: he has become president. You cannot have more power than that. Which Shakespearean character will guide him now? Lear? I guess I will never know.

Don't watch House of Cards. 
Read my book instead.
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