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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let Me Know If You Don't Receive This. By John von Daler

                  A kind of giddy and bizarre mood has dominated the internet since #Wiki leaked and Angela #Merkel lost her secure telephone connection.

Those of us who imagine ourselves to be relatively harmless throw ourselves into our internet correspondences with the abandon of a first-time nudist going out the cabin door to join an expectant group at a summer camp: All right, you can see anything, just anything that I've got!
                Somehow the unacknowledged danger of it all, shared as it is with almost everyone else, gives all of us together the courage to pooh-pooh the problem. So, we forgive our friends for their colorful opinions and hope that we have not been tainted by them in the big pool. But we are all in this together. Every once in a while the invisible paw of some righteous, watchdog-robot clanks against the edges of the fence, warning us that what seems unimportant and valueless today could be our undoing tomorrow. Our nudity could be dangerous.
                Trying to send an email to me, an old friend received a message from The Internet Server, "Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 2 seconds." We both speculated as to the reasons. Are we a virus risk? Have we, each in our own country, written treacherous words that might threaten the other's security? And why two seconds? Are there less threatening crimes that receive four seconds of air time? Are some opinions allowed to live for up to a half a minute?
                Still convinced of our ultimate innocence, we will both undoubtedly continue to write more or less our true opinions about anything and everything. But will some heavy hand reach in and cancel the exchange - and how will we know when that is being done? Could you please let me know if you don't receive this?

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