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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dead-end. By John von Daler

                          Some call it the dangling carrot that draws you on. Others, the tragic end. Some are happy when it happens; others can hardly get over it. Some find it a topic of extreme interest. Others find it unmentionable.

                My grandfather, a fire and brimstone Methodist preacher, talked about it often and looked forward to having a word with his Maker. Some friends' families would not allow the word to be uttered in any connection.
                Visiting my father at a hospital in England I heard a dry, quiet Englishman describe a near-fatal trip into the beyond, "It was like a well-kept garden, pathways, statues, fountains, flowers in neatly-kept beds." He had probably reached his own vision and version of what life after #death may be.
                As for me, I am not convinced that there is an #afterlife. But I amuse myself with the idea that each individual person decides what heaven will be like. I am sure that racers may go to immortal tracks and that conductors have their own master orchestras in the sky. Tax accountants stroll through giant offices filled with computers printing out well-ordered budgets. Actors stand bowing in front of infinitely enthusiastic crowds of cheering compatriots as they receive Oscars and Emmy's ad infinitum. Ex-presidents line up to receive Nobel Peace Prizes together with physicists and novelists. The unstable of mind sit on the knees of a thousand fathers and are told how fine and right they are. Each person has his own, private #heaven.
                Me? When I die I think I want first and foremost to come back to this earth to take care of unfinished business, to write more blogs and books, to know the same men and women, to fight the same fights, to play the same melodies with even more intensity.
                To put it more succinctly:
                "Heaven, I'm in Heaven
                And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
                And I seem to find the happiness I seek..."
                This life in so many ways seems so fine to me. I am absolutely certain that death, in whatever form it may take, will be an equally, well, life-affirming experience. But then again, I have always been a down-to-earth kind of person.

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