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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Slight Ado About #Nothing. By John von Daler

                  "What'cha doin'?"
                "Well, stoppit!"
                "Cain't stop what ain't nery started..."

                I had this conversation with myself the other day. Not being satisfied with my answer to my own question, I settled back in an armchair to think the thing through.
                After all, I spend a whole lot of time doing nothing.
                A wise woman once explained life to me when I despaired of my own laziness:
                Take a look at the natural processes of your body. You eat to get energy and when you have eaten you move, you create, you work. When that activity is finished you lie back to rest. You divulge yourself of the wastes of the eating and the moving. You sleep. When this cycle is complete, you start a new round. The wasting and the resting are just as important as the nourishment and the creative activity. The whole cycle can only take place because all of the parts are present. Your bad conscience about doing nothing is only a misunderstanding of how life works.
                I have taken her wise words to heart. When I sit by my computer staring into the empty frame and waiting for something to happen, I recall Lear shouting at Cordelia: "Nothing will come of nothing!" and then I start to get agitated about my procrastination. But then the wise woman's words come back to me and, settling in for a nice, long break, I turn back to the void with renewed #laziness, full of hope and the wonderful possibilities of the ever-present blank page, poignant as an empty stage just before the play begins.

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