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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lining up. By John von Daler

                         Straight is the line of duty,
                Curved is the line of beauty.
                Follow the straight line; thou shalt see
                The curved line ever follows thee.
                                                Karen #Blixen

                 I attended a lecture the other day on #Hundertwasser and his architecture in relation to nature. The lecturer mentioned the modern discussion about curved vs. straight lines in city planning. Should we meander or should we reach places as fast as possible? Should we decorate ourselves and our buildings or should we aim for spartan functionality in our personal and public appearances?
                Hundertwasser stood for the meandering, decorative solution, while Bauhaus (and others) aimed at streamlined, sleek constuctions.
                In a sense we are talking about whether our society should be feminine or masculine. There is no need for me to interpret for you the background of that terminology.
                Of course we need both, and thank the gods for Hundertwasser and for his rivals at Bauhaus. We need women and men, curved and straight, slow and fast, soft and hard. It is great fun to argue for one position or the other, but when the talk is over, both sides need to have a place. After all, when we drive as fast as we can on that straight and functional eight-lane highway, we still want to reach a pleasant and beautiful destination where we can relax and forget our daily stress with a slower pace. 

                Bauhaus in mind, Hundertwasser at heart.

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