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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Infantility. By John von Daler

                  Our two-year-old grandchild takes command of the games we play together. Hide and Seek is his favorite at the moment. But he arranges it in his own special way:

He takes the person who is "it" and places them - always - in the same place, behind the kitchen cabinet by the door to the back stairway. Then he takes everybody else by the hand and wanders around the apartment looking behind doors and under beds, exclaiming all the while, Not here. Hmmm. Wonder where he is. Nope. Not behind this door either. Maybe he's in the bedroom. No? Well let's try in the livingroom.
                Finally, when he and his entourage have examined every room carefully, he leads everyone back to the kitchen and loudly exclaims Why, there he is!! as he looks behind the cabinet. We all exclaim and congratulate each other on the find, hugs and kisses all around.
                That kind of extreme enjoyment of fantasy, of make-believe, of losing yourself in the game, I find both weird and wonderful. It is very far indeed from my adult world where a spade always is a spade even when it's a shovel.
                It seems to me that my grandson in his game may have summed up the obligations of a writer: to establish the secret hidden place for all to see and then to lead everyone on a weird and wonderful trip through imaginary realms and events only to return to the starting point with fanfares and flags. In other words, to make us children again. This world could do with some childishness.

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