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Saturday, March 8, 2014

In #Vino in Vain. By John von Daler

                      My ancestor, Pastor Philipp Jacob Daler, was put on trial for heresy in 1726 in Mullheim (then part of the Habsburg empire, now part of Germany) where he was superintendent for the Marquis of Durlach. He was acquitted, but the judge admonished him to think more carefully before he spoke and to drink a lot less.

Philipp had been so indiscreet as to suggest that most people could understand the word of God without the help of ministers. He also implied that the devil was a human invention, not a creation of God. Bad boy.
                The apple does not fall far from the tree. Like the old codger I do enjoy a drop or two. Not cider, but #wine. I do not drink enough of it, though, to qualify as an alcoholic, but just enough to have encountered the feeling regularly that I think very well while "under the influence". Old Philipp probably felt the same way.
                Having had a glass or two in the evening seems to get some creative thinking started. Often at eleven p.m. I have brilliant thoughts. However, at nine the next morning they seldom seem feasible.
                I have many colleagues who drink while they work - and do a brilliant job of it. Once in some valley of despondency I even decided to try writing and composing while sipping from a good bottle of, say, Pomerol. The results were not encouraging. I don't know how they do it.
                So I have gone back to the good old glass of water and the occasional cup of coffee.
                My stamp of approval: I just want you to know that these blogs are thought up in abstinence, written teatotally, and published in that same sobriety. You are in safe hands here.

                But when I meet old Philipp in the hereafter, I'll bet that he and I with a glass of Bordeaux in hand will hatch many a good scheme for saving the world, educating our children, and writing the greatest of books. Happily, by then you will be spared with having to struggle with the results. Cheers!

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