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Saturday, February 1, 2014

#Updike Revisited. By John von Daler

                        John Updike unfortunately no longer is with us here on earth. I read quite many of the books he wrote. My favorites were the story anthologies, filled with small, subtle descriptions of the crossroads in people's lives where trifling events meet and enhance each other.

                No author I have read in America has a vocabulary to match Updike; no one matches his sensitivity to the appropriateness and precision of words.
                Perhaps it is not so very significant or exciting that snow falls off the branch of a tree just as a husband gains a new insight into his marriage, his wife, his child, himself. But this is the kind of thing that made Updike important to me. Having read a few of his poignant stories I always felt sharpened, attuned, ready to notice and appreciate what really was going on under the surface of life.
                Have a look at "The Same Door", "Pigeon Feathers", "The Music School", or "Museums and Women". You will not be disappointed. You may even reach conclusions similar to mine: writing well is the result of thinking well.
                Updike  proved time and again in his articles about other writers and artists that exceptional readers often make good writers. Reading his work could enhance any writing career.

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