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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cultivate your Garden. By John von Daler

                        In my building we are not really allowed to have indoor gardens, but in all secrecy I have planted a few rows of Similies in some hand-written literary mulch. What I am hoping for are some full-fledged Metaphors one of these days and then perhaps I can transplant them to a story or two. A few might even become symbols.

                In the beginning when I started experimenting with the project, the Similies made it fine through the initial stages from planting to becoming Metaphors in bloom. But when I tried to transfer them from the garden to my stories to become Symbols, they kept dying on me. First I thought, all right, I should have prepared the ground better, but a story is a story; in theory you should be able to start with one word, say, The and then add a Metaphor without disturbing anything at all.
                I think it was my high hopes, wanting them all to become full-fledged and licensed Symbols, that kept foiling the project. I should just have allowed them to grow quietly and then, when and if they began to take on the quality of Symbols, I should have quietly nourished them in the dark, pulling off their covering later to reveal some really convincing meaningfulness.
                So I've gone back to clandestine transplanting, mostly in the dark. I carry in the Metaphors when no one expects it and then I leave them there nonchalantly, as if I had just forgotten to pocket them on the way out; then they really shock everyone when they bloom.
                What I'm trying to say really, since I actually have not invited my readers into my home and therefore cannot insist on their personal evaluation of the situation, is that no one should go sleuthing around looking for Symbols amongst my Metaphors. When they are good and ready you will know, because I will have sneaked them into the story and left them there to bloom. Until then, just read.

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