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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Honor Among Thieves. By John von Daler

                         I had recently finished a recording session with a famous writer-composer/musician-singer duo. Their songs were and are very popular in Denmark not only because of the quality of the music and lyrics, but also because of the remarkable, special way the troubadour sings. People loved the subdued humor of this pair of geniuses. I felt lucky that they had hired me as one of six or seven musicians to participate on their next record.

                Several months had gone by since the session and now the record, an lp with a promising cover (and who does not miss those large, eye-catching cardboard envelopes!) had arrived: fifty copies I had ordered at a reduced price. Friends and family probably had guessed already exactly what they were going to get from me for Christmas and birthdays.
                I had unpacked them and left the whole stack on the edge of our diningroom table. Then I had gone out to do some errands.
                When I came back, the front door of the apartment had been forced in, the lock hung down forlornly, staring at me like the eye of a basset hound. Inside everything was quiet. Only a few drawers were pulled out. The open door to the back stairway convinced me that this had been a fast, professional inspection of the worldly goods of our little family dwelling. The thief evidently knew what he could sell or use immediately. He was good at his trade.
                But when I called the police to report the very small damage done here I found myself in a quandry when I was asked what had been taken. The problem was that we were so poor, uninteresting and cashless that nothing really had been taken.
                The worst part of the whole thing was that my stack of brand new lps was still on the table, completely intact. What kind of taste do thieves have!? Is my playing so bad that it cannot even be sold at a discount on the street?
                Before the police came by I considered hiding away the pile of records so that I could tell them they had been stolen. Having them all there on the dining room table was just too embarrassing. Thieves have lousy taste!

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