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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Low #Fashion. By John von Daler

                It has not escaped my notice that a lot of people blog about fashion. I, myself, just wear more or less the same clothes year after year. Is there something called low fashion? That's me.

                If you by any chance have read the Icelandic author, Haldor Laxness, you might have run across his novel, The Fish Can Sing. In this beautiful book a fisherman makes a living by selling cod at the same price all year round. The other fishermen vary their prices according to the season, raising them when cod are scarce and lowering them in the season when the sea is full of them.
                Our fisherman is the only one who keeps cod at one price, saying a cod is a cod and cannot vary in value: it is what it is.
                That is pretty much my stance on my own clothes. But just as in Laxness' book, the various fashion seasons change my value whether I like it or not. So what I bought ten years ago may have been out of style ever since; tomorrow, though, I can suddenly become the most chic of dressers.  After having lived these many decades I am getting used to finding myself suddenly very much the sport. Of course, I also am out of it for long periods.
                Not that I am not vain. I just am not all that interested in clothes. But I have kept an eye on those bell bottom pants at the bottom of the bureau. Soon I will be wearing them at the top of the crest of a wave from a new era. Just you wait.



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