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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dreyer! by John von Daler

                When you have been writing as much as I have the last few years, you sometimes need to stop, turn off the words and just look. You know, the rest is silence.

                Finding myself in that situation, I often turn to the visual work of good friends.
                Take a look at the work of my old buddy, Henning #Dreyer. You could call his paintings abstract, but multi-representational might be a better definition.
                Dreyer wants you to retrieve your own subjects from his pictures. There are many to retrieve, from his early dense work that always reminded me of Stravinsky's Rites of Spring

to his late, calm haiku-like emblems that recall Miro.

I have followed his development for years. I know no one who works harder at his trade. He deserves to be known other places than in Denmark. Go for a walk in his archives! Have a look!


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