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Friday, November 8, 2013

His Mother's Tongue. By John von Daler

                      Having spoken the Danish language for four decades, it feels invigorating to come back to English. Writing it again gives me new vantage points. I feel creative and inventive. Here are some examples of my rediscovery of the language I was born with:

Examples of great English words and their usage:
             abet: Abet is abet! yelled the angry bookie.
             blurb: The hyperbolic adman suddenly started to blurb it out.
             feign: The actor pretended to be on his way to feign and fortune.
             illude:  The drunken poet made illude remark.
             intact: His good manners kept the polite diplomat intact.
             regimen: The sloppy control-freak was a disgrace to the regimen.
             repell: Just one pell, said the ogre, and then you have to repell.
             tussle: The urchan had on a feisty cap topped by quite a tussle.
             unbridled: The overweight, unemployed jockey lived in unbridled poverty.
             wistful: That sad ballad really gives you a wistful!
             worrisome: Worrisome, worry all, said the fatalist.

             writer's block:  The editor injected a writer's block to neutralize his writer's cramp.

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