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Monday, November 25, 2013

Boredom and Claustrophobia 1. By John von Daler

                 Everybody wanted to see Andy #Warhol's movies. Me too, but God knows why. They were not interesting or sexy or beautiful or anything really but "in". All of Copenhagen had stood in line to see these two films, about a man sleeping or someone looking out into space or somebody eating. We got mashed into the little art theater like herring in a barrel. Not only that, but it was a double feature with a break: one film before and one after an intermission.

                Let me interject that I really never have liked important transition periods in music, literature, or visual art. Take #Cubism: I enjoy looking at it, talking about it (with my limited knowledge) or hearing lectures about it. But if you were to say take any Picasso and hang it on your wall, I would undoubtedly choose something from his blue period: a picture that I could enjoy, love, admire, be interested in for a long period of time.
                Warhol is a typical transition artist: very, very important, and, well, boring to look at oneless somebody is continually whispering in your ear that you should like it because it leads to this and that in the rest of the art world. After all, he was just trying to say things that John #Cage already had said. Let us just say that I do not love the subway as much as the destination.
                Where was that subway going this evening? It was leading to extreme boredom and an acute loss of oxygen. But more about that tomorrow.

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