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Monday, November 4, 2013

Audible #Eros. By John von Daler

                 On the way home from the drive-in movie, The Seven-Year Itch with Marilyn #Monroe, my prairy mother, riding shotgun, uttered a sharp admonition that her frontier predecessors would have applauded: "That woman is just tasteless. Why, in five or ten years women will be wearing a d├ęcolletage in the back of their dresses!" My father in the front seat and I in the rear remained as silent as cookie thieves with bulging cheeks. Neither of us in our obvious guilt could stammer out even one small syllable of feigned agreement.

                A few years later Marilyn Monroe turned into a Rubens in "Some Like it Hot."
                Later Brigitte #Bardot seized my attention. All those close-ups! I only realized after a few decades that the intimate nearness of the camera camouflaged on purpose this beautiful woman's inability to move or dance with any seductiveness at all. (Watch "And God Created Woman"!) She never became a Degas.
                But these are obvious examples of extravagant sexuality. What about the underplayed?
                I have inhabited this overly eroticized universe for nigh on seventy years and after all those years I still do not know whether I prefer bluntness or intimation in erotic art. I feel no need to choose really. But in defence of intimation, which seems to be overly neglected in contrast to its opposite, let me point out that passages in Laurence Sterne's "A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy by Mr. Yorick", especially where our hero takes the hand of the "grisette" in her shop, can be extremely erotic if you have ears for that kind of sound.
                But then again you may, like so many of our contemporaries, have erotic tinnitus, a deplorable state which prevents you from responding to anything but the loudest of signals and which can torture you with the constant humming of that incessant erotic drone. According to some physicians reading Sterne may alleviate the condition.


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