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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tintinnabulation! by John von Daler

                 From the first day that I at the age of four walked into a music faculty (at the University of Tulsa) I was sold on it. I'm not talking about the people or the architecture or even the music lessons themselves. It was that thick, conglomerate sound of everybody at once, the patchwork quilt made up of rows of tones.

                There were glorious trumpets, squeaking violins, sopranos in dire straits, cellos mellowing, altos bellowing, basses grunting, insinuating oboes, hollow clarinets, brave horns and tenors to the rescue. Yet none of these instruments would have captured my heart alone. It was their mixture that attracted me.
                To this day I love just to stick my head in the entranceway of a conservatory to hear this thick wall of sound.
                The only comparable listening experience outside of music schools would be church #bells. I remember having breakfast close to a cathedral in Dijon one sunday morning as the bells let loose. As the other diners quickly ran from their tables to hide their heads under pillows, I sat and listened to all those overtones, a caucophony really, but they brought a smile to my face.
                Maybe it is the integration of all those disparate elements that pleases me. Maybe it is a symbol of how I want people to be: together no matter what.

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