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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sizing up #Symbols. By John von Daler

                   I was twelve years old. We drove, two families in two cars, from Oklahoma to #Colorado to spend our vacation in two cabins at a resort high in a pine forest. There was a girl my age in the other family and I did what I could to be in a backseat with her as often as I could. The fathers steered and the mothers chatted and we kids looked out the window or messed around with each other. A tussle can be a wonderful thing.

                When we arrived, the air was fresh and cool, the skies were light blue, the view scary and beautiful at the same time. The first day we walked nervously but bravely across a suspension bridge, peering down at a tiny looking stream hundreds of yards below us.
                I got a cold after we arrived, but after a long walk in the pine forest the second day I was cured. The fragrance coming from the branches and cones seemed to have a wonderful healing effect.
                On the third day, above the level of the pines we found an icy, deep lake in which I fished happily the whole day without catching the fish I would not have known how to handle anyway.
                On the fourth day we walked in the forest and ran into a place where a skunk had defended itself mightly. The scent hung on our clothes for days. I remember the grown-ups talking about how awful that smell was. To this day the scent of a skunk reminds me only of young girls, tall pines, deep lakes and dramatic views.

                Symbols cannot just be plucked out of nowhere. They have to be nurtured. Your skunk may not be mine.   

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