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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love you. Be mine. By John von Daler

                Sometimes you run into something so beautiful that you just have to own it. Sometimes you even want to make yourself into it.
             I have noticed this when people discover St. #Exupery's "The #Little Prince". Theater people want to do it as a play. Movie people want to film it. Choreographers want to dance it.
                These things hardly ever work. The book is best. Nobody can out do St. Exupery.
                Once I produced, arranged, co-mixed and played on a CD of songs written by a famous Nordic poet. While I was doing all these various tasks I happened to attend a concert in which the best musical moment came when one of the percussionists in the symphony orchestra hit a huge tam-tam with a massive hammer. The sound of that great, round metal plate quivered through the auditorium for minutes. You could almost feel the sound in your gut. I just had to have it on my CD.
                After a whole lot of trouble and expense we got a hold of that huge tam-tam, we transported it to the studio, miked it up and found a man who played it very, very well. He was just supposed to hit it once. Then that sound was supposed to blast its way out of the CD.
                Well, he hit and we recorded and then we mixed and coddled the sound and let it extend into eternity and put it in the middle of a number.
                You know what? Nothing happened.
                How can I sum up the problem?
                You cannot put the Eiffel Tower in a hatbox. Leave it standing and go home with your memories. As for the little prince? Have some respect for royalty.

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