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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Easy Rider. By John von Daler

                They liked us before we arrived, our hosts who had arranged a concert in #Oslo. They had asked for a rider.

                For the uninitiated: most bands and soloists send riders to concert arrangers some months before arrival. This paper lists the necessary technical prerequisites for the band and the products and amenities that should be stocked in the dressing room. They also list food and hotel requirements. Arrangers who have put on concerts with, say, Madonna or Frank Sinatra have had their hands full with the rider. Some soloists have to have the ritziest whiskys, foie gras, a room with a sauna, a television in the bathroom, no dairy products in the cheese, a masseur for the pinky on their left hand and a private chef to put the sugar on their cereal.
                We had sent our rider a month before we arrived. We wanted one room each with bathrooms, preferably a hotel close to the concert hall. The food should be healthy and fresh, not fast food. We wanted some soda water, some beer and coffee in our dressing room. On stage we needed three electric outlets and professional lighting. That was that.
                When we arrived the people working on stage dropped what they were doing and ran to welcome us. They almost had tears in their eyes. We have never, ever received such an easy rider in Oslo. We looked appropriately modest. (Maybe next time we should ask for more?) But then again, Madonna might have drawn a bigger crowd.

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