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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Loving #God. By John von Daler

                  In my memoir, #Pieces: A life in Eight Movements and a Prelude (WiDo Publishing), I have to describe #God at one point. The book is called "Pieces" for several reasons, one of them being the fragmentary nature of the text: the reader is supposed to fill in the dots. For example, when new characters enter, I do not necessarily describe them physically. So I thought it might be fun to make an exception out of God.

                The most God-like person I know of was my maternal grandfather, a Methodist preacher who lived and preached in many cities in the southern United States. He was a passionate man, even sensual, and at the same time a very righteous person. He preached morality and reasonableness his whole life. So I used him as the  embodiment of God in my book.
                As a teenager, my mother cheated on the family rules. Hiding a party dress among her books, she went to spend a "study night" with a friend. While dressed "to kill" she met her father on the street early in the evening. Instead of balling his daughter out, that straight-laced pillar took one look at her in her 1920s regalia, tipped his hat and walked on by. He never mentioned the meeting after that. What a god-like reaction, trusting and full of love.
                When I knew him he was in his eighties. I remember sitting in our car with him one day. He had asked us to pick him up. His local newspaper had announced "Wet Thursday" in a certain shopping area downtown. The idea was that women customers who did not have on shorts could and would be sprayed with water by the offended merchants. Of course this meant either bare legs or wet shirts. The old preacher, who certainly had been faithful to his beloved wife for sixty years, did not want to miss this. He and I sat in the back seat and watched the women together, that eighty year-old and this four-year old.
                Who could resist recreating a god like that!

                               Tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 24, there will be no blog.
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