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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A #Blog about #blogging. By John von Daler

                  Now as I approach the half year mark of my blogging life, it is time to take a look around, to take stock.
                 I have been sitting here quietly churning out daily blogs full of memories, ideas, sounds, tastes, sights, smells and, of course, words, words, words.
                These blogs have been read over 8000 times since May by friends, acquaintances, wackos, passersby, robots, spammers and security folks.
                With all those possibilities, 8000 is not very many, but it still is a solid figure. My deep-felt thanks to my few but loyal readers. Excuse the homely look of my page, my lack of HTML sense and my cluttered absence of design. What you see is what I can afford and what I can figure out how to do on my own. Think of it as an old, messy antique store you just happened into.
                I, too, am a reader sometimes. I, too, crawl the net looking for words worth reading.
                But the blogs that fall in my path, the ones that appear to have many readers, sophisticated designers and financial support are not the ones that write, but rather the ones that talk about writing - or leave the writing to guests.
                It is as if the point of blogging is to teach how to blog, the point of reading is to learn how to blog, and the point of writing is to get someone else to do it.
                In regard to this and to other pleasant passions, cultivating them is more fun than talking about them, doing them yourself is more fun than watching. So that is what I am trying to do: to blog.
                Thanks for bearing with me.

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