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Monday, September 2, 2013

The #Sun takes a Bow. by John von Daler

               From Texas to Connecticut and perhaps even beyond the sun can be a relentless villain. I remember my Danish girlfriend on a visit to Princeton muttering something about it being too stuffy inside; she took a step outside for a breath of air. Old Man Sun gave her a huge, hot slap in the face. There was just no place to go. That kind of heat makes you feel as if you are stuck together in the same space with one very bad old star who is trying to scorch you out. You've taken #Schwarzenegger's seat on the plane and he just turns those burning eyes on you until you get up and go somewhere else. Only there is nowhere else.

                In Africa the sun is a bit of a drama queen too. But here we are more into #Olivier. After a good dinner somewhere in #Tanzania you are on your way back to your hut when somebody suddenly clicks a switch, as if you had been watching a spectacular stage production and the stage lights had all gone out at once, leaving you in the pitch black night. Olivier's voice booms out of the dark void, "and the rest is silence!" But he is wrong - at least in Africa - because when the stage lights go off, the house lights do not go on and you are left to fend for yourself against whatever visitors are nearby, buffalo, leopards or other beautiful beasts. And you can hear them scruffing around.
                In #Scandinavia the sun may be an old star too, but now we are talking Alec #Guinness in one of the films where he has been just a very, very naughty boy. In reality the Scandinavian sun has not done anything bad to anybody. Still, it slinks sideways towards the horizon like Fagin in "Oliver", sneaking furtive looks at the audience and winking lewdly. "See you tomorrow all you Scandinavians skinny-dipping in your pristine lakes!" But when he says tomorrow he means in two or three hours. As I said, one naughty, sneaky old star. He's there at your door after those too few hours, forces his way through some slot and asks for the time of day as he sits right down on the edge of your bed.
                In #Greenland the sun is a bit player, who, even if he does stay out all day in summer, keeps his distance way down south from what's going on in the north. You know he is there, but The Great Playwright has not given him too many lines to say. He edges around the back of the stage on the prowl like Bela #Lugosi as Dracula. Still, you forgive him. After all, this is entertainment and whatever damage he has done has been done down where he is. Greenland can almost get on without him, but still he keeps coming back. Old ham. Give him a hand.

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