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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sexy, sexy Denmark by John von Daler

                Denmark is reputed to be a sexy country. Perhaps. I remember seeing a New Yorker cartoon in which an American couple in a convertible is seen driving through a rolling landscape of fields and cows. The wife is saying, Somehow I had imagined that Denmark was sexier than this!
                In my opinion Denmark is not sexy. Danes are just more relaxed about human relations.
                When I attended Yoga for Pensioners for the first time I arrived just as the class was starting. As I walked through the door a loud, involuntary gasp arose from the twenty or so ladies in their gym suits and jogging sets who already had rolled out their mats and were stretched out. I was the only male.
                After a moment's silence someone said, What will we do about changing clothes? There was only one small room with benches and hangers and you had to go through it to get to class.
                I tried to be the gentleman and replied to her that from now on I would arrive as late as possible before class and leave as soon as possible after, in order to give them the privacy they needed to change their clothes.
                So the next week I arrived two minutes before class and there they were, all changed. My mat was rolled out and a pillow and a blanket had been placed there so I would not have to waste time on that.
                The yoga that day gave my aching back all the stretching and relaxation that it needed. When it was over I rushed to the door to gather my things and be on my way. Some of the ladies had forgotten our agreement though and made it into the room at the same time. As I started to change I heard someone say, Oh, who cares!
                From then on we all changed in the same room at the same time, discreetly and with the averted eyes of saints and martyrs. Of course we all are above the age of sixty, so we have few mysterious secrets to conceal.
                But if you ask me is Denmark sexy, I would have to answer in the words of those ladies: Oh, who cares!


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