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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's face the music by John von Daler

                #Pre-Senility is that stage of our lives during which we continue to make the same mistakes we always have made, but finally take the responsibility for making them. Like forgetting names. I've forgotten names since I was four. These days when I forget a name, though, I think, you must be getting old.

                In my case the subject gets more interesting because I also am losing my perfect pitch, which means that sometimes when I hear music I can be caught humming quietly to myself in an internal search for the names of the notes and the key of the piece being played. So the loss of the names of notes and people appears to be a parallel development.
                I am interested in where all of this is going to end. Will I forget everyone's names and all of the notes, or could I possibly avert disaster by giving each of my friends a note to accompany their name, thus giving myself twice the chance of remembering them and a better chance of remembering the note?
                If I meet you and I have a quizzical look on my face and a slight humming can be heard, then you may surmise that I have adopted this new system - until of course I make the mistake of calling you C or even worse, B flat. Then you must be patient with me. After all, you are part of my personal symphony of acquaintances, last movement, Allegro Vivace ma non troppo. Just keep your eye on the Conductor and play your part.


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