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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Doing #Dufy by John von Daler

               Somebody with a great sense of timing and a knack for pleasing a child presented me when I was six with a series of prints of pictures by Raoul #Dufy.
They could not have chosen a better gift. Dufy is the quintessential boy's painter: boats tacking, horses racing, clowns frolicking, circuses circling, orchestras tooting, and harlequins taking it all in. I hung them around my room and they caught the pretty riff the honeysuckle already was blowing outside my window, softly humming the mornings awake beneath the radiant sun.
                I've heard Dufy called a primitive painter, a naivist. All right, death and destruction do not dominate his point of view. Life does. Maybe he is an optimist, a hopeless romantic, a hopeful fool - or a visionary. If his pictures are believable, then he must love to live. I chose the same tack with his help back then when I was small. He still delights me.

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