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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Backing Up by John von Daler

                A few years ago I hung my violin up on the wall (where it never had been before!) and quit my musician's career. I decided to write instead. That is what I call retirement.

                So you can still see me, if you happen to fly by my sixth story window in Copenhagen, sitting at my computer in the morning, exactly the way I used to when I played and composed.
                I also take a cup of coffee sometimes at a sidewalk cafĂ©.
                This is all fine, but I still have to deal with PWE. PWE does not mean Plane Wave Expansion Method as Google might tell you. PWE means bad conscience where I come from.
                Most people look like they are working when they are at work. I do not. I am just a guy with a cup of coffee sitting there thinking.
                I have always enjoyed thinking, that little internal dialogue with myself. To tell you the truth, I enjoy my own company, which I guess is a good thing, since I am stuck with me. I and I sit at the computer or at a table and discuss this and that and what to do next. Some of it comes out in blogs or maybe even a book.
                But seen from the outside I ain't really doing nothin'. That is where the bad conscience comes in.
                PWE does not mean Personal Worth Emulation either.
                It means Protestant Work Ethic. It is anchored in the common consciousness of western democracies. I suffer from it together with the rest of this society.
                I may look like I'm just fooling around, but I am really a work junky with a Protestant on my back. Got to kick the habit somehow.

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