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Monday, August 26, 2013

Plastic #Utrillo by John von Daler

                 I'm not an art critic and I don't regularly read art journals. So I can hopefully be forgiven for sloppy thinking about painters: sometimes I like to classify them according to just one color. Monet might be the master of blue, for example. Manet would most certainly be the genius of black in my book.
                #Utrillo has always stood for me as the uncrowned king of white nuances: snow-covered streets, Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre in the winter. He is a pale painter whose works you keep coming back to in the way you reach out for yet another of those ingenious cookies baked with just a little too little sugar. Are you absolutely certain that the walls were that pale that day? Wasn't there a slight sunbeam of splashing yellow on a window down that alley? No? All right, white it is then. Show me one more. Gimme another of your (almost) sugarless cookies.
                Our apartment building in Copenhagen is covered at the moment from street to roof in translucent, whiteish plastic. They wrapped us up about three months ago and we have about three months to go before they let us out again. We see Copenhagen from the sixth floor, but only in a weak, pale, winterish version of itself. The copper towers with their wonderful blue-green nuances have become a kind of grey shadow. We can hear but not see the traffic passing below.
                In my worst moments of irritation about this visual claustrophobia I've started admonishing myself: Hey, look, you are inside a Utrillo. Every day you see life through Utrillo's eyes!
                It's like being a genius for a day. Remember how people lined up to be John Malkovitch just for a few hours? I'm Utrillo every day. Eat your heart out.
I guess Dufy
is the resident artist
of my book.
Click and see
for yourself:

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