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Sunday, August 11, 2013

King for a Day? by John von Daler

                Reading words and hearing them spoken, seeing plays and films, can sometimes open up our understanding about other worlds or create empathy in us for other points of view. Why then would we ever think it absolutely necessary to camouflage in the clothes and customs of our own time a play about a king from the fifteenth century that was written in the seventeenth century? Do I have to see me in order to understand him?

                We define and understand our society largely through the huge amounts of fiction and news we assimilate every day via television, reading, and movies, so it is important to be conscious of what effect they have on us individually and collectively.

                Are we really a society that only can understand itself when confronted with our own accoutrements? Is a play only relevant when its setting is contemporary? #Richard III as a modern drama? My kingdom for some horsepower!

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