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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#Dear John by John von Daler

        People have stopped writing "Dear" in the greeting of their letters.  They write "Hi" or nothing at all. It's as if everyone has discovered that we were not as "dear" to each other as we once thought.
                Sometimes I use "Dear" in letters by mistake and then I feel as if I've inadvertently pulled a crumbly old mummy out of my closet instead of the spiffy sports coat I thought hung in there.  
                I am not trying to say we should go back. It never really suited me to write "Dear" to my banker. And my world has had so many shake ups, that I can manage changes like this without a thought.
                What I am really saying is, why should we do anything without a thought. We should know about these things.
                So when did it stop? Who stopped it? Who was the last person to write "dear"? Did anyone notice at the time? Did the last "Dear" bring a tear to the eye? Or did everyone just let out a sigh of relief, as if some unwanted and troublesome old aunt had just passed on to more amiable pastures.
                Oh, dear me. Another sleepless night.

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