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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Roads around #Ravello 11. (Serialized Story in 12 Parts) by John von Daler

                       I turned in surprise and delight to see the room itself. There was not much to see. Ah, but quantity has never been my bedfellow. Directly across from the window was a huge fourposter with four or five plump, satin pillows. Sitting on the bed clad only in a gown was the hag, her face as hideous as I remembered from the square, but her body like the body of a mermaid without the tail. Her breasts under the silk were like small pears from the San Cataldo gardens, her arms beckoned delicately, ”Take me, take me, take me!”
                    I gasped something like, ”What, now?” Casting my doubts to the winds I rid myself of the tweed jacket, grabbed my bottle of the wine of darkness and threw myself into the arms of the hag, her heavy make-up and hairy moles notwithstanding.
         Discretion here is of the utmost importance. Of course you, my faithful audience, who have suffered through good and bad, trial and
tribulation, fault and default, hope and denial, will want to know exactly what happened. Alas, only in movies is it necessary to be so specific. Once you have shown the leading characters in full figure, you certainly have no right to turn your camera and to study just their feet as they complete the act which has been the ultimate aim of two hours of cinematography. But in a story you can hop from metaphor to simile like a Scala mountain goat from stone to rock - and this story will be no different.
        Let me just say that we reached the fruition of our meeting high above those towns so aptly named Majori and Minori. As any composer will tell you, when you have been from major to minor and back again, then you have been all the way around, and this afternoon was, musically speaking, a major/minor, four-handed fugue of breathtaking dimensions. (to be continued...)

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