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Thursday, July 25, 2013

#Høst, Oz, Smoke and Bornholm by John von Daler

                In Paul Auster's movie "Smoke" Harvey Keitel takes a picture every morning of his own tobacco store. He does this once a day for many years. The Danish painter, Oluf Høst, in much the same way painted many pictures of his own farm from about the same angle but in different seasons and atmospheres. These pictures are part of the collection that made him world famous.
                 On one of my concert tours to Bornholm some friendly people who knew that I loved Høst's paintings drove me past the farm, just to show me what it really looked like. I regret to this day that I allowed them to. I'm not a "backstage" kind of person. I think I probably would have let the Wizard of Oz keep standing behind his curtain - even if that had meant I couldn't come back to Kansas.
                  If you ever visit Bornholm, go to the beautiful little Høst Museum - and leave the poor people who now own his farm alone. Here's hoping that I too can avoid passing the place where they shot "Smoke".  Let all those nice memories remain somewhere over the rainbow.


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