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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A jogging admonition by John von Daler

                 I was out jogging this morning. My same route as always: up the broad, stately Frederiksberg AllĂ© to Frederiksberg Gardens, around the little lake, across a couple of bridges and home.
                 Today on the way up the hill I felt no wind whatsoever. But returning by the same route, twenty minutes later, a headwind hit me on the way back down the hill and I thought, now why didn't I notice that there was a lot of wind on the way up?
                The answer is simple: head wind you always feel, but tail wind almost always goes unnoticed. Now when a living metaphor like that plops down into your life, you have to draw some conclusion or moral from it, so: Be more observant of positive support and less observant of resistance.
                I'm feeling very preacherly today, Sunday. Pay me no notice...


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