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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Reptilian Cowlick by John von Daler

                Today I jogged past a man speaking loudly into thin air.

                When I was very little I was told to steer clear of that kind of person; they were supposedly plagued with figments of the imagination. I envisioned them gingerly plucking fruit off a beautiful green figment tree that grew like a cowlick out of the back of their heads. Later I learned to respect the dangers of life and to hurry on past them.
                These days most people who speak loudly are just talking on their cell phones. They spew into the air words like marketing analysis, retribution scandal, and minor misdemeanor. They are not to be feared.
                Despite this I still have trouble turning off the signals coming from my reptilian brain. Cell phone talkers strike angst into my heart as I jog past. According to several learned books this is to be expected; I am protecting myself and my tribe from surprise attack. In modern society, though, I am expected to tether this reptile, slippery though it may be.
                In other words hard as it may sound I should try to force my reptilian brain to keep both its feet on the ground.
                I'll never love loud cell phoners. You know what keeps me going? I really appreciate a good mixed metaphor.

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