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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Moving Story by John von Daler

    I should have had a reminders list when I moved from
Tulsa to Norwalk.

    1) not to go ice-skating. Ice only comes in bags in Oklahoma.
    2) not to say "the ocean" about "the sound".
    3) that widows' walks are not old ladies who limp.
    4) "Posted" means Get outa here!
    I should have had a reminders list when I moved from
Norwalk to Princeton.
    1) when a professor asks your name, he means your
          last name.
    2) the reason everybody else knows everybody else
          is that they have grown up together - at prep schools.
    3) to tweak open the novel you were supposed to read
          before going to class. A loud crack from the binding
          can be embarrassing.
    4) not to say howdy to your professor when you meet
          him on the way to a class you are skipping.
    I should have had a reminders list when I moved from
Princeton to Denmark.
    1)  on busses not to sit in a vacant seat beside
           someone. Look until you find two adjacent empty
           seats and take one of them. Danes like space.
    2) not to be disappointed when the national team is
           number seven. For a little country that's great.
    3) to eat anything with fish before anything with
           meat. Anything else is considered barbaric.
    4) to eat every last morsel on your plate and to
           delicately scrape the plate with a fork to get the
           last drop of gravy up. They have tried rationing.
     At my age my next move may be to our lord. Goodness
knows what I have forgotten there!

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