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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clown noses and method acting by John von Daler

    For a musician, I've done a lot
of acting.
    In various theater productions
I've emulated with violin in hand
grasshoppers, soldiers, astronauts and
other strange, masked characters. In fact
I've played almost anyone whose face you
can't really see.
    In the Triangle Club at Princeton
I always played the straight-man, never a
comedian - and never a female, even
though no women were enrolled. The director
knew his types. My little candle was never
going to light up his stage.
    Once in a very large Danish production
I was allowed for thirty seconds or so to put
on a big, red nose, baggy pants, suspenders and
flappy shoes to lead a parade.
    Think, every evening for a month or
two I got to revert to my childhood
and imagine myself to be funny, silly,
and bumbling, just the way I thought I was
in the grand old circus on the green lawn
with a willow tree in Tulsa, Oklahoma
in 1950.
    And they paid me for it: just for a split
second to play at being an imaginary self that
never was and never would be.

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